My Buffyverse Bingo card

Greeting Pulse Anniversary BtVS 5x12: Checkpoint Thief
Heartache AU: Band Picnic Sincere Buffy
Going Dark Raven FREE
Honey Gunn
Winter Holiday Hold BtVS 3x15: Consequences BtVS 4x05:
  Beer Bad
BtVS 7x16: Storyteller Birthday Forbid Let Go Therapeutic

Status 07/05/2020

Well, obviously my plans of posting here more haven't been going according to plan. ;)

I am currently doing lots of fanfic. Still wallowing merrily in the Spuffy pool. Posting all my updates since 2017 would be a bit much, though. You can find me as bewildered on Elysian Fields or AO3. I'mma try to join in on Buffyverse Bingo this year!

I am currently not doing much art due to time and physical limitations.

Healthwise I am as fine as can be, I suppose, but chronic pain sucks. That is all.

Good health to you all in these troubled times!


Status of my writing

So now that I am mostly using this journal to interact with Buffy fandom, here's a sticky post with current status of my chaptered fanfiction that I will update whenever something changes:

General Status 5/15/17:

Semester almost over! Jobhunting! Fun! I have not gotten much opportunity to write this year. Currently working on a collab with the_moonmoth for seasonal_spuffy and hoping to get back to my WIPs in June.

I am not going to post summaries. If you're on my journal, chances are you've read at least one of my fics, and they are all "smutty Spuffy farce" so I think that's all you need to know. The overall theme of my body of work is: "Buffy is allowed to have fun and enjoy sex. Also there are police/hobos/socks."


Prisoners of Love, Blue Skies Above      Elysian Fields     AO3 (1 chapter behind EF)

Posted through Chapter 19. Completed length TBD.

Summer of (Hobo) Love     Elysian Fields     AO3 (1 chapter behind EF)

Posted through chapter 15. Now estimated to maybe 18?

The Restfield Irregulars     Elysian Fields     AO3

1 chapter done. This one will be slow, sorry!

Something Randy, Something Joan     Elysian Fields     AO3 (1 chapter behind EF)

1 chapter done. Not so slow as above?

In for a Penny     Elysian Fields     AO3

Collaboration with the_moonmoth - We are hoping to update this weekly, currently 5 chapters finished, 1 posted to archives. You can read ahead at seasonal_spuffy


Stitched Up     Elysian Fields     AO3

The Carnivorous Carnival (choose-your-own-adventure)     Elysian Fields     AO3

The Spuffy, the Witch, & the Utility Shed     Elysian Fields     AO3

Served Cold     Elysian Fields     AO3

Knit Night     Elysian Fields     AO3

True Blue     Elysian Fields     AO3
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